5 Ways to Set the Stage for Conversion

  1. Key knowledge
    1. Goals & Objectives
    2. What is your unique sales proposition?
    3. Know your Audience
  2. Mindset
    1. You Have to be able to deliver the goods. Have a great product or service that you believe in and can back it up 100%. Complete trust in product or service.
    2. Desire to change in order to get the life you want
    3. Continuous improvement – It’s not a sprint, it won’t completely happen overnight, it’ll take investment, it’ll take tweaking, pivoting, risks – a willingness to test the waters
  3. Strategy
    1. Email Marketing Strategy
    2. Content Marketing Strategy
    3. Communication Strategy
    4. Website Strategy
  4. Data and Analytics
  5. Tools – Work smarter not harder – use tools and automation to help you get where you need to be