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Don WestoverChief Strategist

We help entrepreneurs and business owners grow their business (increase revenue and become more profitable) with great strategies, advice, and insights (the "why" behind the strategy).  We also provide services and resources on messaging/copy writing, email marketing, marketing automation, content creation, as well as ways to innovate and implement change.

Business Coaching and Consulting Services and Solutions

Strategy: 360° Thinking

Strategy is the blueprint for success. You may be able to get the job done without it but it will take you 10X as long and cost you 100X as much. We help you define your goals and create a strategy or roadmap to get you there.

Marketing: Digital & Physical

Make more sales with carefully crafted Email Marketing, Sales Pages, Advertisements and more.

The Why: Consumer Psychology & Behavior

We are always asking "Why?" Because there is always a reason "why" something occurs. We look at the psychology and behavior to the reasoning behind the "why" and explain the "why" behind our strategies and procedures to you.

Messaging: Copywriting & Branding

The message you convey to your consumers can make or break a sale. Consistent and targeted messaging is vital to a company's success and can be achieved through good copy writing and branding.

Systems: Simple & Repeatable

We help you smooth out, simplify, and automate your business processes. The steps, procedures, and outlines of how to get the job done. 


Learn: Education & Training

If you're looking to learn for yourself or you need your employees trained, we can provide personalized education for all of your needs.

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